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Shanti Sadan, Inc.

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 Matt. 25:40 “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”.

Joshua & Sarojini JoshuaProf. Joshua & Mrs. Y.Srojini Joshua, are the Founders  of Shanti Sadan Ministries and Children’s Home. Late Prof.Y.Joshua was a professor, teaching English at a government college of education. Obeying the High Call on his life he gave up his lucrative position and entered full time ministry. He established 120 churches and an orphanage with 120 children. As the ministry under his leadership was growing, God called him home in 1974.
At the time they had five sons and two daughters who were very small. Mrs.Joshua  with onerous responsibility on her shoulders she spent much of her time in the presence of the Lord. A couple of months later she was given the responsibility to take care of the orphans. Since then she had been faithfully executing her responsibilities, demonstrating the love of Jesus to the unloved. According to the child psychology, childhood is a stage free of stress and strain. Every   child wants to play at this stage. Unfortunately in India many children lost their childhood that they would never get in their life. Some children lost their child hood because they lost their parents at their very young age. Some because of poverty lost their childhood. God called Mrs.Joshua His HOME in 2013. 
Youngest son of respected Christian leaders, Professor. Y.Joshua and Mrs.Y.Sarojini Joshua, was born in a family rich Christian heritage. My grandfather was the founding pastor of a Church in Sakhinetipalli.   When God called his servant (Prof.Joshua) home in 1974, I am just a year of old. I am  holding a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management (MHRM), Bachelor’s degree in Sciences (B.Sc). After my education, I worked as a Human Resource Manager in reputed companies in India. I had a Call on my life for the ministry.  Now I am serving as Executive Director for Shanti Sadan Inc. 
My wife Dr.Mary and daughter Shirley (15)